Help us get Equipments!

Camera, lights, and ACTION! If only if it were that simple... Not sure if you know, but to make a film it takes A LOT of equipment to make the movie magic happen. Equipments you probably never knew was needed or better yet, stuff you probably never knew that even existed. Yes, it's the same case for us as well. The more we prepare for this film, the more we realize, wow... there is so much stuff that is needed. This is why production usually is expensive. The dilemma of every indie film maker is 'Do we keep things cheap and sacrifice on the quality?' Or 'Do we keep the quality but struggle finding the finances to back it up...?' We believe that excellence speaks to the world, but we're just passionate non-rich/almost penny-less young artists trying to make a change. We'll need your help to make this film come to par with the quality, so that this film will speak out to Kyrgyzstan and to the world. Tax exempt available for donations.

Do you already have some of these equipments? Interested in either donating it to us or lending it us? Yay! Contact us here:


Camera Stuff

Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K

This is the main camera we're using for the film! It's the biggest bang for the buck and its provides A+ quality. We really want to make an excellent film with amazing cinematography. Help us make that possible!

Retailing price: $4995

Sony A6300

This will be our second camera, the one that runs on the side just in case our first camera misses a shot or something malfunctions. It has incredible low light capturing, so in case we get a black out, which happens often in Kyrgyzstan, we'll have a camera ready for anything!

Retailing price: $998

Shoulder-Mount Kit for Blackmagic

Well, we can't just hold the camera with our hand can we? We'll have to mount it on the camera man's shoulder to keep stable shots. We'll need these gadgets to attach the camera to the shoulder piece to keep some smooth and professional shots for the film.

Retailing price: $395


V-Mount Battery Plate for Ursa

Apparently, you even need a separate mount to attach the battery.. Not exactly sure why they designed the camera that way but what can you do? You have to have a battery attached to the camera to make it function no? 

Retailing price: $95

Atomos Shogun Flame 7"

So, if you look at any cameras on the market, they have these TINY screens where its very difficult to catch minor details or even to focus. We need a screen that is big enough for the camera man, DP, and Director to all see what is going on on the camera. This one specifically functions best with the Sony A6300.

Retailing price: $1695

Blackmagic Design URSA Viewfinder

For the Blackmagic, there's going to be a lot of moving shots. The camera man needs to have a viewfinder where they stick their eye into so that they can focus just on the shots. It's the old school way of how film makers recorded video. It may be the old school way, but still pretty darn efficient in certain shots.

Retailing price: $1495


Nuries Aries Pro Wireless Streaming

While we shoot, we'll need to stream into a bigger screen where the director can see what it will look like on a TV or computer screen. This will help make a seamless nice stream to make a faster process of double checking the quality and consistancy of the shots.

Retailing price: $400


Lens Stuff

Rokinon Kit of 3 lens 24, 35, 50, 85mm

A secret about film/photography: the lens is everything. Yes, theres a lot of other things that are important, but the lens is the "eye" of the camera. If you have a crappy camera, but an amazing lens, the shots will still look good. Camera body prices may drop as the newer models come, but the lens is a staple pillar. We need some good eyes that will capture the film beautifully.

Retailing price: $1996

Rokinon 16mm T2.2

This lens is a super wide angle lens. It's perfect for scenery shots. We'll be filming a lot of shots containing the beautiful scenery, mountains, and nature of Kyrgyzstan. We'll definitely need this lens to be able to capture all of it's splendor.

Retailing price: $549

Fotodiox adapter

Depending on the brand and model of the lens and camera, they all have different mounts. Meaning these lens don't have the same screw-in as with some of the cameras we'll be using. This mount adaptor will help us screw in the lens to the camera we'll use.

Retailing price: $100


Lenzhound Cine-Standard Kit

Its a wireless remote controller for the lens. Sometimes, you just need to be able to focus on stuff at the touch of a wheel, which makes production life so much easier. Especially when the camera will be moving and justing around everywhere in action scenes.

Retailing price: $565


Camera Holding Gizmos

Easyrig Mini Strong

So what this will do, is keep the shots magically smooth as you are running or making a shot thats chasing after the actor. It will be useful on bumpy, rocky, hole-ly, and unpaved roads where the camera man has to walk through with the camera to make it look like you're just gliding through. It looks funny if you wear it, but for the sake of that beautiful shot, its def worth it.

Retailing price: $1322

DJI Ronin M Gimbal Stabilizer

No, it is not a weapon. It is a thing you put the camera on and it stablizes the shots no matter how you use it. Its pure science and magic when you see how it works. This will be used in different type of angles and shots to keep it smooth.

Retailing price: $1400

Edelkrone SliderPlus (+Target Module)

So this will be used for dolly shots, a steady slow moving smooth shot. You see a lot of these kind of shots in movies and commercials as well. It gives kind of an emotional feel to otherwise what would just be a plain normal shot. And THAT is what we'll really need: make people cry.

Retailing price: $1389


Memory Drives

Transcend CFX650 128GB CFast 2.0

Theres going to be a lot of memory space we'll need for this 90 min. film. Each minute of a shot will eat up around 1GB or even more. Why? cuz we're using the highest resolution. Help us have enough memory space to take all the shots we'll need!

We'll need 2 of these!

Retailing price: $297

Transcend CFX650 128GB CFast 2.0

SanDisk Extreme PRO CFast 2.0 Reader

And this will be the memory card reader that will transfer all the data to the hard drive. Crucial it is. Need I say more?

Retailing price: $50

SanDisk 480GB Extreme Pro SSD

This is the hard drive where we'll store up all the shots we take for the movie. This is basically the the safe box. We'll need a drive that will not crash or break or else... we'll be doomed!

We'll need 2 of these!

Retailing price: $190


Let there be Light

Aputure Light Storm LS 1s LED

We're using energy efficient, but super bright LED lightings for this film! Yup, we're thinking about the environment as we do this and also thinking about the health of our crew/actor's eyes. LED lighting apparently has healthier wave lengths for the naked eye which awakens the brain to be more alert. Yes, cuz thats exactly what we'll need for everyone on the team: a more non-caffeine way of alertness.

Retailing price: $695

Aputure Light Storm LS 1/2w LED

And of course, more lights! On average a film set has more than... well A LOT of lights. The more lights you have, the better guarantee you have that the shots will look good and various types of looks you can create. Most film makers will say that lighting is literally the make it or break it for the quality of the shots.

We'll need 2 of these!

Retailing price: $495


Matthews RoadRags Kit

You might be raising your eyebrown with this. But these aren't just any rags, they can control the amount of light that comes into the shot area. This comes in handy especially outdoors where we can control how strong the sun hits the actors. Basically we can make shade when we need it.

Retailing price: $239

Matthews RoadRags Kit II

And... this is just more rags? But different? This will help us get more varieties of how we can control the lighting of any given situation.

Retailing price: $401

Avenger C-stands

And, this is what holds the rags up in any angle, however, and wherever we need it to be!

We'll need 3 of these!

Retailing price: $176