Art Department Assistant #1

- Must have prior work experience with administrative skills

- Helps Production Designer in maintaining paperwork & management of Art Department

- Must be organized and have administrative skills

- Will work heavily with the Production Designer in the management/organization of the script and paperwork, including finances

- Can work well independently with problem solving skills and critical thinking

- Must speak English


Art Department Assistant #2

- Helps to manage various people in Art Department, and the day to day management of Costume/Wardrobe, Props, & Set Decorator/Builder

- Must be creative and have an artistic eye and ability to manage

- Must speak English, Russian and/or Kyrgyz

- Needs to see eye to eye with the Production Designer in artistic vision



- Must have at least 1 year experience or ready portfolio

- Collects, manages and maintains costumes

- Works heavily with actors in managing schedule, measurements, and arranging pick up & returning of costumes

- Must have organizational skills

- Must be flexible and open to learning

- Sewing skills is a plus

- Must speak Russian/Kyrgyz. English or Korean is major plus


Props Manager

- Must have at least 1 year experience or ready portfolio

- Collects, maintains and manages all props of film

- Must have strong organizational skills, as they will be responsible for managing all props of the film. Is able to be “hands on.”

- Must know the Kyrgyz market, and is able to collect items based on the artistic vision of the script

- Must have the ability to research the market, find many options, and buy based on needs of the film

- Must know Russian/Kyrgyz. English or Korean is major plus


Set Decorator/Builder

- Must have at least 1 years of experience with building

- Must have building skills and knowledge in materials to execute the building of set pieces needed for the film

- Will be responsible for any attaching, detaching of set pieces or props

- Must know the Kyrgyz culture or research skills to understand what needs to be built


Hair & Make-Up

- Must have prior experience with make up

- Must have a ready portfolio

- Will work mostly with Production Designer & actors to create the look for each

- Must have experience and is able to create an effective “natural” appearance for the characters

- Experience in film is major plus