By Lily Kan, Outreach Coordinator

Growing up in Kyrgyzstan, often being an outcast, I preferred the company of a book over countless peers. Thanks to the majestic stories, my bedroom would easily transform into the Amazonian forest, an old province in England or even a completely different planet. Books taught me to how to dream, unhindered by the fear of circumstances.  Who could have imagined, that this ability would later bring me from the comfort of my room to the City of Angels, thousands and thousands miles away from the place of my childhood. 

A small but brave country surrounded by mountains; most people in America cannot even pronounce its name. This place is now so far, but yet so near and dear to my heart. 

This place is my Kyrgyzstan.

I still remember the day when I met Eugenia. After hearing Eugenia talk about her stay in Kyrgyzstan, I was surprised to discover that she and I had something in common: a love for Kyrgyzstan. And this love was so near to her heart, as it was in me. This girl from Boston had such great passion and desperation to be a voice of hope, to make even a small change for the country. Unlike me, she could not stay still and continue to live a “normal life” back in the states. This challenged me to my core. Eugenia’s conviction and the depth of her love for my country and my people drove me to join this project.

Over the years, the issue of bride kidnapping has been shown in international mass media and in films. Even though Kyrgyzstan is filled with so many positive and joyful things, its known more for its political instability and bride kidnapping. That’s why I didn’t want just another film on this issue of bride kidnapping; if there was to be another film produced, I wanted it to be filled with hope for Kyrgyzstan.

And this is where Alya Production Coalition stands. Our vision as a production is to share stories of hope. Our focus is not to show the world how bad the country is, but to show the people in Kyrgyzstan the beauty and strength that lies in themselves.  I am dedicated to showing true beauty of Kyrgyzstan through this production.

Looking back to my childhood experiences, I know the power stories have to create dreams for the future. And my dream is that this story will give every daughter in Kyrgyzstan a country where they are enveloped in love and dignity; I dream of a brighter future for the daughters of Kyrgyzstan. Yes, you may say I am just an ordinary girl, but my dreams are propelled with extraordinary hope. So here it goes! A journey of salvaging hope!

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