Director of Photography

- At least three years of experience on a feature film or short film

- Works closely with the director and the camera/lights team

- Must have a creative vision of the film and to be able to implement it through clear communication within the team

- Must have a deep understanding of film techniques and camera equipment

- Develops visual approach / style of the film together with the director

- Must possess advanced visual thinking and the ability to create a "look book”, light contrasts to determine (lighting ratios), break and develop (breakdown) of the scene and camera choreography

- Responsible for the lighting, exposure, and composition of the film

- Responsible for the filming. It is desirable ability to work with a light meter and experience with light and gaffer

- Must submit a reel of previous work


1st AD – First Assistant Director

- Being the Director's right-hand person, taking responsibility for a number of important practicalities so that the Director is free to concentrate on the creative process

- Breaking down the script into a shot-by-shot storyboard, working with the Director to determine the shoot order, and how long each scene will take to film

- Drawing up the shooting schedule (a timetable for the filming) and making sure it’s kept to To do this role, you will need to:

- Be an authoritative team-leader and motivator and an approachable team player

- Have exceptional organizational and time-management skills

- Trouble-shoot and pay close attention to detail

- Be an excellent communicator

- Have tact and diplomacy skills

- Routinely deal with problem or even crisis situations

- Prioritize tasks but can multi-task

- Work long and often unsocial hours

• Have a positive approach


2nd AD/Slate/ Script Supervisor (local)

- At least 2 years of experience

-Assists the director with production needs

- Helps director and 1st AD to make calling list

- Follows the course of the shooting process, working with a movie slate and is keeping a record of captured doubles

-Responsible for the continuity of the actors' actions, makeup and props from scene to scene

- Experience with a movie slate is a major plus

- Must be intermediate with computer software and own a PC


1st AC/Cameraman

The "right hand" of the director of photography (DP)

- At least 1 year of experience as a 1st AC/Cameraman on a previous film project

- Responsible for camera equipment, monitors its performance

- Controls focus on the camera, and the camera itself, if necessary

-Should well-versed in the shooting equipment (camera, lens, etc.), be a team player and observe etiquette shooting


Sound Engineer


- At least 2 years of experience

- Must be an expert of lights and works closely with the director of photography

- Responsible for lighting technology and controls the lighting

- Should have knowledge of the 220v electrical system

- Should a good understanding of electrical and lighting equipment

- Should a good understanding of the nature of light, be able to work with a light meter and be able to translate the creative vision of the director of photography through the proper installation of light



- At least 1 year of experience

- Works closely with the director of photography

- Responsible for hardware, assembling and installation of all shooting equipment, from cameras fasteners in non-standard locations to control a dolly

- Creativity and the ability to find creative solutions when installing the equipment are welcome.

- Relevant work experience is desirable


PA – Production assistant

- Provides general, the necessary assistance in the production

- Carefully perform all assigned tasks

- Must be disciplined, organized, and a proactive team member

- Must understand and abide to filming etiquettes and principles on site

- Must help the filming process to go smoothly and troubleshoot problems when needed

- Closely working with the crew and actors, coordinating extras if needed

- Have a car or the ability to drive is a plus

- Must speak Russian and Kyrgyz. English is major plus